I am not the original author of Super DragAndGo. My only involvement with Super DragAndGo was updating it for Firefox 2 and 3.

Super DragAndGo was the first Firefox extension to extend the function of the drag-and-drop mouse gesture to allow the user to load a web address, perform a web search of some text on a page, or quickly save an image using a drag-and-drop.

Super DragAndGo is no longer being developed or maintained! If you are interested in the Super DragAndGo extension, you have these options:

  1. Use QuickDrag (also available at addons.mozilla.org). QuickDrag (my rewrite of SD&G) is a small and lightweight extension that offers the same features as Super DragAndGo.
  2. Use Drag de Go. The Drag de Go extension offers more features than QuickDrag and Super DragAndGo, but it also has a much larger footprint.
  3. Use a userChrome.js snippet, such as the one created by zeniko, which is similar to Super DragAndGo.
  4. Super DragAndGo was abandoned by its original author years ago and is no longer being developed. As a result, it is highly recommended that you use one of the three Super DragAndGo alternatives listed above. However, if you really want Super DragAndGo, you can still get it:
    • Users of Firefox 1.0-1.5 should use version 0.2.6, which is the last version to be produced by the original author.
    • Users of Firefox 2.0-3.0 should use version, which is my unofficial maintenance version of Super DragAndGo. There is also a version with rudimentary directional support, version